Quality Control

Eden Valley Group is meticulous in its pursuit of excellence. On site we have an independent auditor from the government’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) who ensures that production, health and hygiene standards are adhered to, at every stage through ongoing quality audits in our processing and production.

Customer Commitment

Quality is our highest priority. It’s our guarantee that the products you receive have been sourced from the best producers and suppliers and handled throughout under the most stringent control procedures to ensure that our customers receive nothing less than the very best.


We keep a full ‘audit trail’ of all our products so everything is traceable and hence accountable.

Our Purchasing Policy

We work closely with our producers and suppliers to ensure that their whole process from conception to slaughter is handled in the best possible environment.

The animals and poultry we purchase are part of a careful breeding programme, fed only on natural feeds, kept in good stress-free conditions, and slaughtered humanely, to produce the best products.

We ensure that slaughtering is only carried out by professionally qualified people. The product is then chilled and processed in the shortest possible time. Our
products never leave our ‘chill chain’ until they arrive at your premises.

Clear, Simple and Honest Packaging

All Eden Valley meat and poultry products are packaged to the highest standards in vacuum sealed packs. All our Meat and Poultry product labels will confirm: Country of Origin, Storage Temperature, Kill Date, Pack Date, Use By Dates.

Net Weight is one aspect of our labelling, which is at the core of our business ethos. We have built in sophisticated processes to our production line, which will not allow any label to be attached to an item which falls below, the declared label net weight. This guarantees and reassures all our customers that any product purchased from Eden Valley represents true value for money.