Ingredients: Soyabean oil (produced from genetically modified soya),
Anti-foaming Agent: Dimethyl polysiloxane (E900)

Storage Conditions: Store at ambient temperatures, off the floor in a clean dry area. Keep away from strongly odorous materials and direct sunlight.

Shelve life: 18 months from date of production if kept unopened in manufacturers packaging.


Edible oils and fats are widely used in foodstuffs. They are non-toxic, non-corrosive and virtually non-volatile. Consequently they do not present oral, dermal or respiratory hazards.
There are no set occupational exposure limits and no chronic effects of exposure are known.

Skin Contact
All products are bland and inert. Remove by washing with warm water and soap.

Eye Contact
The product is non-aggressive. The affected eye(s) should be irrigated with warm water. Seek medical advice after this action.

This is not applicable as vapour pressures are extremely low.

Oil and fat spillages are potentially dangerous as they make surfaces slippery. Prompt action should be taken to stop any leakage and spills cleaned up as quickly as possible. Small spillages may be removed by mopping and washing thoroughly with hot water and detergent. Large spillages should be isolated from drains, for example with sand. Liquid oils may be shovelled up or dealt with by the use of absorbent materials, such as sand or soil. The absorbed materials can then be handled in plastic refuse sacks.
Sacks should be disposed of by either incineration or by burial.

Handling Precaution
Because of the non-toxic and relatively inert properties of oils and fats, no special precautions are necessary, when they are at ambient temperature.
The handling of hot fats and fats is facilitated by the use of oil resistant gloves and other suitable clothing. Eye protection may also be necessary, particularly during the frying operation.

Fire Properties of Oils and Fats
Smoke Point ~200oC
Flash Point ~300oC
Fire Point ~365oC
* These are typical values only for freshly refined and deodorised oils. Please note that during a frying operation the application of heat and the presence of moisture from the food being processed causes the generation of products, which progressively lower these values.

Nutritional value per 100 grams

Energy 3696KJ / 899Kcal
Fat 99.9g
of which saturated 14.5g
of which mono-unsaturated 23.2g
of which poly-unsaturated 56.5g
Carbohydrates 0.0g
of which starch 0.0g
of which sugar 0.0g
Fibre 0.0g